How to get online without a broadband router

Hands on a laptop

If you have no fixed broadband at home, there are some other ways to access the internet:

  • Connect your devices (TV, computer, games console etc) to the internet via the wifi hotspot function on your mobile phone. Be aware this could use a lot of mobile data. Unlimited data bundles are available.
  • Buy a device called a mobile wifi hotspot. This is a good option if more than one person needs access to the internet. Mobile wifi hotspots need a data-only SIM, which you can buy from mobile phone providers.
  • Local libraries usually have computers that are available to use. They may also have free wifi.
  • Many cafes and other public spaces also have free wifi. Be aware that public wifi is not always very secure, so it might not be suitable for banking online. A more secure way to access internet sites is by turning off the wifi on your phone and using mobile data instead.

Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash

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