How many of these have you managed?

People on deckchairs near Brighton Pier

10 very British things to do by the sea

  • eat a ‘99 with a flake’ (soft ice-cream with a chocolate stick)
  • watch a Punch & Judy show
  • spend money in an amusement arcade on a pier
  • eat slightly sandy fish and chips
  • have your food stolen by a seagull
  • buy ‘rock’ (a long minty sweet)
  • sit in a beach hut
  • hire a deckchair
  • go on a mackerel fishing trip
  • sit behind a windbreak on a beach in March, with a fixed smile, pretending to enjoy yourself


10 very British things to do in the countryside

  • sip real ale in a thatched pub
  • go to a music festival
  • visit a country house
  • go to a village fete
  • visit a mining museum
  • spend an afternoon watching cricketers on a village green
  • play golf (or crazy golf!)
  • ride on a miniature/historic railway
  • enjoy whisky in front of a log fire
  • endure a long walk, dressed head-to-toe in waterproof clothes, in pouring rain


10 very British things to do in the city

  • eat a hot pie at a football match
  • sail on a canal boat
  • enjoy afternoon tea in a hotel
  • ride on the top deck of a double decker bus
  • go to a pantomime
  • wave Union flags at the Last Night of the Proms musical event in the Royal Albert Hall
  • have a picnic in a park (extra points if you are drinking Pimms!)
  • queue
  • get stuck at a station because the trains are not running thanks to the “wrong kind of snow”/ “leaves on the line”/ “rails too hot” (all genuine reasons)

Image: Teerinvata/Dreamstime

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