Bins and graffiti in the back alley between terraced houses

How safe is the UK?

supermarket shelf showing kettle and toaster for sale

British kitchen favourites: the kettle and toaster

British cheeses on a board with sliced apple and pear and a pot of chutney

A history of British cheese

Longhorn cattle standing on path

The forgotten history of drovers roads

Red sign with the words Cats Eyes Removed

The danger of Cats Eyes Removed

A folly on a hillside in Somerset

Follies – fantastic or foolish?

illuminated ship in Liverpool - one of Britains biggest cities

Guide to Britain’s biggest cities

Information about rents, crime and more
Shopping in English or Messages in Scots

Scots – a language like English, but not

English Countryside with the low sun showing a rippled pattern in the field caused by the medieval Ridge And Furrow system

Why some fields have a rippled surface

Coat Of Arms

What is a coat of arms?

Window of high street betting shop

Gambling in Britain

Edwardian Houses

How old is your house?

Castle Combe, a very charming village in the Cotswolds area of the UK

Why this isn’t a typical English village

Bluebells on a slope at Roseberry Topping,Middlesbrough

The best time to see bluebells

View down one part of the M25 flanked by trees and bushes

The hidden beauty of British motorways

People on deckchairs near Brighton Pier

30 very British things to do

Terraced Houses In Chester

Why are there so many terraced houses?

Hand holding a Four Leaf Clover

Lucky and unlucky symbols in Britain

A road sign saying Welcome to Beer please drive carefully. Beer is a town in Devon.

Why British places have such strange names

A pig on a lead

Pigs as pets?

View of a charming village with church in the background and a bridge in the foreground

The most popular properties in Britain

A row of colourful beach huts

Why beach huts are so expensive

Chalkboard on pub wall with the words 'Fancy dress party 80's theme new years eve'

Why fancy dress is so popular

Two men thatching a roof

What traditional British last names mean

A winding road on a flat landscape

Why British roads are not straight

Damaged road surface showing a hole and also an area where it has been mended before

Why road surfaces are so bad in Britain

Boys fighting with wooden weapons outside ruined castle

The most important dates in British history

Berrington Hall is a large country house set in grassy parkland with large trees and sheep.

Who was Capability Brown?

A Young Family Walking Through Flowers with a signpost showing an acorn in the foreground

Why you want to follow the acorn sign

Hidcote garden

Where to find the best British gardens

People walking in woodland in the winter

The hidden dangers of walking in Britain

Map showing the counties of England

British counties explained

Fireworks in the sky

Some interesting British laws

People visiting stalls of traditional village fayre

The best month for an outdoor event

Cars driving on a flooded road

The funny side of British weather

Beach in summer with heavy grey clouds covering the whole sky

Why Britain’s weather is so bad

Man pouring tea for his daughter

Why do British people drink so much tea?

A British roast dinner, consisting of roasted meat, roast potatoes, boiled carrots, peas and broccoli plus a Yorkshire pudding and stuffing balls

British food – good or bad?

Pallets with tins of baked beans in a supermarket

Why British people love baked beans

Picture of a flat wheat roll on a paper plate

From baps to barmcakes – strange names for bread rolls

Conkers lying in grass and fallen leaves. Conkers are the fruit of the horse chestnut tree

Britain’s strangest sports

Man on a horse playing polo

Sport and social class in Britain

Group of people on horses in front of a large country house. The people are wearing clothes used for foxhunting

What is foxhunting?

Group of men watching sport, seen from behind

Britain’s most popular spectator sports

Variety of signs for pleasure boat trips called Pirate and Yorkshireman

Regional accents in Britain

View of a newspaper advert from the government with the words Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives. Also a cup of tea and a child's drawing of a rainbow

The NHS: a national hero

A plate of mixed biscuits

Biscuits – and manners

Side of pub building showing a colorful sign hanging from the wall and the words 'free house'

Pubs: what are they?

British passport

The 6 types of British nationality

Burton Agnes Hall in Yorkshire, built in 1598

Why Britain has so many large country houses

Caernarfon Castle in Wales at sunset

Why Britain has so many castles

Belvoir Castle is spelt B E L V O I R but pronounced beever

Aberystwyth to Urquhart – a pronounciation guide

Sheffield at night, with floodlit buildings

How many cities are there in the UK?

View of Oxford street in London with five red double-decker buses

Why London is so different to the rest of Britain

Elegant waste bin with City of London embossed on it and a coat of arms

What is the City of London?

Red sign with the words Heavy Plant Crossing

Britain’s most confusing road signs