If you've ever wanted to snorkel in a bog, you are in the right place

Conkers lying in grass and fallen leaves. Conkers are the fruit of the horse chestnut tree

If you like sport, Britain has many choices – including hang-gliding, bobsleigh and parkour. But there are also sports for people who want something more unusual.

Some need a lot of training, but others are open to anyone who wants to take part – after all, it’s good to stay active! They are also good fun to watch.

  • Scotland is famous for a sport called tossing the caber. Players must throw a 5-metre wooden log as far as they can. It is one of the Heavy Weight events in Highland Games that take place in Scotland each year.
  • In Wales, people come from around the world to take part in the World Bog Snorkelling Championships. They must swim 60 metres through muddy water as fast as possible.
  • Another unusual sport is worm charming. People must find ways to get worms to come out of the ground, without digging or liquid. Some people manage more than 500 in 30 minutes! One event takes place on a school field in Cheshire.
  • In the autumn, are the World Conker Championships. A conker is the name for the inedible nut from a horse chestnut tree (pictured). Players have a conker on a string and they must try to smash the conker of their opponent.
  • There has been Cheese Rolling in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, for over 200 years and it is officially an extreme sport. At the end of May each year, competitors chase a circular cheese down a very steep hill. The event was cancelled in 2020 because of coronavirus, but to mark the occasion a Babybel (miniature cheese) was rolled down the hill instead.

And if you haven’t been tempted to try these, see a more conventional list of sports (PDF) on the Sport England website.

Image: Artur Luczka/Unsplash

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