How to set up your home on a budget

Sofa in a living room. On the sofa is a blanket and cushion

There are many good places to find cheap furniture, appliances and other household items in Britain. These are some ideas:

  • Many charity shops (where people donate unwanted items) have special furniture shops, including Sue Ryder, Oxfam and the Red Cross.
  • Look online for local second-hand furniture shops and auction houses
  • Some council waste disposal sites have a shop that sells items too good to throw away. Look on your local council website for details.
  • For specific items, try Ebay, Gumtree, Preloved, or Oxfam.
  • For small items, try car boot sales, jumble sales and table top sales
  • Sometimes people give things away for free. Try looking for local Facebook groups, or joining your local Freegle group or Freecycle group. You send a message if there is something you like and sometimes you are the lucky person who is chosen! You will have to collect from the person’s home.
  • You can hire some appliances (washing machines, fridges etc) instead of buying them. Search online for places near you.

Image: Morgan Vander Hart/Unsplash

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