Where do find activity groups in your local area

Group of children performing karate in a park

There are many types of activity groups in Britain. Even in small towns there might be groups for chess, board games, gardening, knitting, sewing, dancing, singing, theatre (known as ‘amateur dramatics’ or ‘amdram’), weight-loss, sport, walking, cycling or running. They are usually happy to have new members.

Some groups are part of a nationwide organisation, others are just local. Local groups might not have a website, but usually they are on Facebook.

You could also look for information:

  • In the library
  • On noticeboards in town halls, church halls or village halls
  • On local council noticeboards or websites
  • On pub and cafe noticeboards or in the window
  • At community events
  • In gyms or sports clubs
  • On supermarket noticeboards

Some nationwide groups for adults

Sport & slimming




Some nationwide groups for children

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